FigoFit 12 Days of Fitness: Day 5

🎤On the fifth day of fitness my trainer gave to me…🎄


Four minute tabata
Three push up dog planks
Two minute wall sit
And one yoga plank walk!

Complete 5 repetitions of each squat.
1. Basic … Read more

12 Days of Fitness Challenge: Day 12

HO HO HO! MERRY FITNESS! I mean CHRISTMAS, everyone!!! You’ve come a long way since day 1. But your final challenge is to get outside and try out some intervals. When talking about cardio, intervals have been shown in countless … Read more

12 Days of Fitness Challenge: Day 10

Merry Eve of Christmas Eve! Looking for that move that’s going to tone up the inner thighs and butt? Your goal for today is to complete 3 sets of these pulsing squats! Add 1 pulse at the bottom of each … Read more

Figo October 9th

My APPLE CIDER SANGRIA is perfect for your autumn get together. Get some apples and the cider from your favorite local orchard. Don’t forget to make a virgin version for the kids!

Serves 10-12

-1 gallon of apple … Read more

Resistance Training 101

With the help of my meathead best friend Julie, I’ve demonstrated and explained the most basic resistance training exercises that require dumbbells and just bodyweight. Most exercise prescriptions I provide for my clients include these fundamental moves, so it’s essential … Read more

3 minute jump rope

Day 3. Peanut inspires you to keep on moving, even if it means trespassing into your local mall’s North Pole. In this clip ended unintentionally short, Peanut risks it for the sake of fitness and gets kicked out of … Read more

1 minute body weight squats

Day 1 of Trainer Peanut’s challenge for you! She takes you around her hometown of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania throughout the series, showing you that a workout can happen anywhere! All of the exercises require no equipment at all!

SQUATS: Additional … Read more