My Favorite Things 2020

Prosciutto di Parma- 16 lb. leg
Be the life of your (less than 10 person physically distanced) family get together and display and slice this gourmet authentic prosciutto from Italia! I plan on slicing and gifting this prosciutto for
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The Figo Show Trailer

New episodes the first Friday of the month, every month! Subscribe to my channel on YouTube and sign up for my newsletter to get updates! … Read more

Homemade Pasta

With many of your favorite restaurants closed and all this extra time on your hands, why not make pasta!? It’s fun. It’s romantic. It’s delicious. And it’s easier than you think! Kids love to help make it (it’s just like … Read more

8 Healthy Crockpot Meals

With busy end of the school year activities and summer goals in mind, I love these quick and easy healthy crockpot meals–perfect for the busy on the go family! Shop for the ingredients, then have a prep party with some
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Homemade Pasta with My Daughter


This recipe for homemade gnocchi comes from a tattered cookbook from my great grandma’s church, Mater Dolorosa, in Williamsport, PA. All the little old Italian ladies collaborated their recipes from the homeland into one and this … Read more

FigoFit 12 Days of Fitness: Day 3

🎤On the third day of fitness my trainer gave to me…🎄


Two minute wall sit
And one yoga plank walk!

The point of this move is to do as many repetitions as you can! One … Read more

FigoFit 12 Days of Fitness- Day 2

🎤 On the second day of fitness my trainer gave to me…TWO MINUTE WALL SIT! 🎄

And one yoga plank walk!

Get your timer out and get ready to seriously burn and tone those legs! You’re always welcome to add … Read more