My Favorite Things 2020

Prosciutto di Parma- 16 lb. leg
Be the life of your (less than 10 person physically distanced) family get together and display and slice this gourmet authentic prosciutto from Italia! I plan on slicing and gifting this prosciutto for my friends who appreciate this delicacy!


Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water Subscription
5 large cases of this come to my house each month. Enough said. This price for a 24 pack is almost the same as what I’d pay at the grocery store for a 12 pack! Insane savings!
Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey Vinyl Album
My favorite Christmas album hands down. So much fun to belt it with it playing on the vintage record player. I love that Mariah is still riding on the fact that she has the #1 Christmas song of all time. Get it girl. (And we don’t need to talk about that crack up on the 2016 NYE countdown…let’s just say I actually cried real tears but loved her follow up redemption in 2017).
Vitamix Professional Series 750 – Copper Finish
This blender gets so much love in our house–from dailyprotein shakes to blending soups to grinding nuts and coffee beans (I use the dry container for grinding). Not to mention that it looks gorgeous sitting out on my counter top so there’s no need to hide it in the cabinet!
Booty Bands – Set of 5
There’s nothing new and fancy about this tried and true fitness essential. But the fact that we’re all working out at home and can’t buy dumbbells anywhere is reason enough to invest in these booty bands. If you don’t buy these for $7.99 right now and give me some lame excuse why you can’t workout at home, I will personally come punch you in the face.
Nike Lux Leggings
To be honest, I’m not 100% that these are the ones I’m wearing in this video because there are a few variations of the Lux legging but I swear you can’t go wrong with any of them. They’re technically for running but I wear them for everything from athleisure to yoga to HIIT. They really smooth everything out and feel so good on my skin. Link above is to amazon but here’s the link to the most recent pair at 11% off.
Peloton Bike & App
Download this app for around $20 for some of the best at home workouts out there right now. I’m obsessed with their floor and bootcamp workouts which I honestly just do on my basic treadmill at home (although their tread is on my radar!). We got the bike two years ago and it’s definitely gotten it’s usage for my husband and I since we both use it several times a week. If you do decide to get the tread or the bike, you can use my referral code FUVREV when the sales person asks you if you were referred by a friend! I believe it’ll give you and me credit to the Peloton store.
iRobot Roomba 675
I have to be honest that I just recently stole my mom’s for this music video to try it out and it’s currently sitting in my Amazon cart ready to pull the trigger. I just have to wait until next week because my husband told me I couldn’t buy anything else this week. But it will be purchased because I think it’ll help with all the little toddler crumbs in my household.
Dermaplane By Stacked Skincare
My best friend Liz, who knows everything when it comes to skincare, recommended this tool to help exfoliate the dry skin on my face that I was complaining about. I got excited when I saw that people also use it to remove that unwanted face fuzz. I have the Italian upper lip hair and it seriously works wonders keeping it at bay when I use it once a week. I’m so excited I’ll never have to go get an upper lip wax again and that my face is so smooth.
Bumble & Bumble Post Workout Dry Shampoo
love the little 1oz travel sized version of this dry shampoo because it carries well for travel. You can put it in your purse when you’re planning on working out on your lunch break and you need to degrease that post sweat hair. Buy the larger 4oz bottle if you truly love it!

Petroni Vinyards Case of Wines: These wines are a teensy bit expensive but I love treating myself to a case around the holidays because it is just so damn good and super special to me. We visited the Sonoma vineyards with a group of friends and family back in 2018 and it was by far everyone’s favorite stop and probably the reason I got pregnant with Luci. My favorite varieties are the Rosso di Sonoma, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Poggio Alla Pietra. If you visit make sure to ask for Patrick! He was the best! You could also email their sales team manager Jennifer to place an order.

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