Figo: Episode 2!

In FigoFit, Peanut is showing you an original move called the downdog to push-up pyramid. A fantastic exercise for tightening the arms and toning the shoulders. We also get the yoga benefits from the downward dog, especially in those often-tight … Read more

12 Tips to a Happy & Healthy Holiday

1. Embrace your inner dasher
Tis the season for intervals! I’m adamant about getting my clients to change up their cardio workouts when the 1-hour elliptical jaunt has gotten all too comfortable. Not only are intervals efficient of your time, … Read more

Figo: Lunges and Rosemary Roasted Butternut Squash

This FigoFit & FigoFood episode has us gearing up for Thanksgiving Day!

For FigoFit, Peanut demonstrates a step back lunge and single arm press. This is a great move to tone the shoulders and tighten up the legs! Add this … Read more

shape your shoulders and tone your obliques

This is the shoulder shaping and oblique toning superset! All you need is a medicine ball for these two moves.

1. Pivot press (12 reps on each side) 2. Med ball mountain climber (30sec).

*Alternate for 3-5 sets.

**Use this … Read more

9 ski jumps

Burn the legs with these ski jumps! Check out Peanut’s bonus move at the end! Who gives a hoot who’s watching, right?… Read more