Figo: Episode 2!

In FigoFit, Peanut is showing you an original move called the downdog to push-up pyramid. A fantastic exercise for tightening the arms and toning the shoulders. We also get the yoga benefits from the downward dog, especially in those often-tight hamstrings. Core strengthening is a guarantee anytime you’re in a plank, so we get that too! Wowee! This downdog to push-up pyramid is challenging, and works us in so many places!

In our FigoFood portion of the episode, chef peanut shows you how to pop a whole chicken in the oven, make it taste juicy and delicious, all in minimal time. Oh, and it’s healthy too! Basil, lemon and olive oil are all you need to make your bird the bomb. Quarter your chicken and share for dinner, then cut up the leftovers as a protein to throw on your salad the next day! Peanut’s always one step ahead!


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