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Happy 2016!!This is the time of year we aspire to get healthy, rid ourselves of old vices and begin a new era of our lives. Unfortunately, I see a lot of people fail to meet the lofty standards they set for themselves, especially in the area of fitness. People set themselves up for failure, unintentionally of course, having unrealistic expectations.

The reason I developed this January challenge is so people can think a little smaller. Rather than visualizing the the total weight loss or pant size you’d like to attain by the time swimsuit season rolls around, I recommend that you “periodize” as us fitness junkies like to say. I want you to only think about the next 4 weeks.

Our goal is to get into the habit of getting up 15 to 20 minutes earlier and getting the workout done for the day. Working out in the morning, in a fasted state, boosts metabolism. Studies show that fasted exercise helps us utilize our fat stores for energy.

Every January, I preach about making SMART goals. Here’s how the FigoFit 4 week challenge fits that cute little acronym.

• Specific: We’re completing 3 morning workouts/week for 4 weeks. That’s it. If you complete those 3 workouts that week, then you’ve already succeeded.

• Measurable: Write down your pant size and your weight on your calendar, printable at the bottom of this document.

• Accountable: you must send your weight, pants size and “before” photo to Chelsey at by Wednesday, 1/6 to confirm your enrollment in the challenge. When you submit your “after” photo and measurements before or on 2/1, you’ll be considered for 1 of 3 prizes. Prizes TBA!

• Realistic: Just 3 mandatory morning workouts per week. Not everyday.

• Timely: 4 weeks. Don’t worry about week 5 or month 5. We’ll get there!

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4 thoughts on “FigoFit Four Week Challenge

    1. Hey Steve! Check out my 60 day challenge starting March 28th! Keep checking my website for updates:) Will probably post something within the next 2 weeks about it!

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