peanut & ricky’s NYE party

Happy 2014! Ricky had to work in the ER at 6am on Jan 1st, so we threw our very own NYE party last night…at our lovely home…just the two of us…with some kickass steak…and live lobster…and I still got dressed up. Because that’s how we roll.

Poppin’ bottles.20140101-095657.jpg

Antipasti: gourmet cheese platter, my favorite Barolo that Ricky got me, sweet & spicy bacon wrapped shrimp20140101-095724.jpg

And Ricky brought me home these pretty flowers!20140101-123623.jpg

Check out that turf!20140101-095711.jpg

My sister and her friends graced us with their presence for the pre-game. They were on their way to a much cooler party apparently.

[wpvideo SV82dMtj]

How to make lobster on NYE.


Diva time.20140101-095736.jpg

The surf!20140101-095809.jpg

Oh and we went to bed at 9:30pm. But it was a very romantic evening never the less!

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