Mastering the At-Home Workout

With gyms closed and stay-at-home orders in place for most states, mastering the at-home workout is an absolute must. If you’re discouraged without having all the equipment you’re used to using at the gym, you’re thinking it all wrong.

First off, I always suggest taking your workouts in phases based on what’s happening in your life (a national pandemic for instance) or the season (nice weather= outdoor cardio workouts vs. cold weather=indoor classes and gym time). Now there are a million ways to go about this, but if you’re looking for a little direction, follow this fool proof game plan:

1. 15 minute light resistance strength training

followed by:

2. 15 minute outdoor cardio

Let’s talk about #1. Here I present to you, the FigoFit Fifteen. In this style of workout, I designed it to take just fifteen minutes when you use a timer. Choose 5 exercises based on the muscle groups you want to work. If you want to get a full body workout, the best thing is to mix upper body, lower body and core. A great way to think about the full body routine is to always make sure to incorporate a some type of squat, lunge, push, pull, bend, and rotational move. If you wanted to do a targeted workout like all upper body or all abs, please, be my guest, but things may be little more intense for those muscle groups since they won’t get as much of a break. Go through three rounds of those 5 moves for 45 seconds of work to 15 seconds of rest. I suggest downloading some type of round timer on your phone and pre-setting the intervals. Or you could just as easily watch a clock. If you’re a beginner, skip the timer and just go for 15 reps of each for 3 rounds total. Here’s how this workout would look:

45/15 of each move x3 rounds
1. squat
2. push
3. core
4. lunge
5. pull

If you’re having decision fatigue on what to do, you can also just check out my quick workouts here:

Beginner to Moderate:
Plankin’ In Your PJs
(facebook live on Fridays at 9:30am EST!)

Moderate to Advanced:
15 Minute Oblique Knockout
Core Crush Workout

Targeted Workouts:
Lower Body & Abs
Upper Body Pump Up

Ok and now to address #2. As the weather is warming up and you’re sick of being inside with nothing to do while socially distancing yourself, GET OUTSIDE. Think long walks, hiking or jogging, or bike riding if you have a bike.  I’m personally loving seeing all the people, some of whom you normally wouldn’t see, being active outside for something to do to pass the time. If you just busted out a fifteen minute strength training workout, aim for 15 minutes of cardio. This will give that magic number of 30 minutes of exercise which I’m sure you’ve heard experts say you need at least 5 days per week. When you immediately follow up like this, you’re going to burn more fat which I know most of us aren’t going to argue with that! If today is a cardio only day, aim for 30-60 minutes.

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