Lose Weight with Meal Planning & Nutritional Coaching

I’ve had a TON of people ask me about nutritional coaching and personalized meal planning. While I wish I had more time to devote to doing this for my clients, I’ve found someone who can do it a hell of a lot better than me! Check out my girl, Britney Kennedy, at OnPoint Nutrition. After recently reconnecting and reminiscing about our glory days at Penn State, we put out heads together, believing that we’re both out to help people realize their fullest healthy potential in regards to wellness. With a BS in Nutrition from PSU, Britney is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Health. She provides accountability and a wealth of knowledge with a fun and realistic approach.
While Britney technically operates out of Philly, her one-on-one virtual weight loss program and nutritional counseling can help you from anywhere in the world. Using a phone and the computer, you’ll have twice weekly sessions to review food intake and construct a meal outline for the coming week. She’s already influenced and changed the lives of so many at such a young age.
*Check out On Point Nutrition’s website for helpful blog posts, podcasts, as well as to inquire about one-on-one services.
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