FigoFit 12 Days of Fitness- Day 1

🎤On the 1st day of fitness my trainer gave to me…ONE YOGA WALKOUT! 🎄

This move is a great warmup or cool down to add to your exercise routine. Complete a few repetitions of the basic walkout by inhaling the arms overhead and exhaling as you reach for your toes. Bend the knees and place hands on the ground and “walk” the hands out until you’re in a plank position. Make it a “yoga walkout” by adding some additional stretching after the plank. Try a downward dog to stretch the hamstrings and calves, then step each leg through and stretch the hip flexors. Rock out child’s pose for a great lower back stretch as well as a cow to cat sequence for a spinal reset. You cannot do this move wrong so have fun with it, focusing on the areas you need to stretch, and put your own pizazz to the walkout! You could certainly do this everyday as a part of your morning wake up routine!


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