FigoFit 12 Days of Fitness: Christmas Eve

🎤On the eleventh day of fitness my trainer gave to me…🎄 ELEVEN FROGGERS!

Ten lemon squeezers
Ninety second plank
Eight single leg balances
Seven bicep curls
Sixty second split lunges
Five types of squats!!!
Four minute tabata
Three push up dog planks
Two minute wall sit
And one yoga plank walk!

Today’s move will make your “bowl full of jelly” surely sore tomorrow! That’s right–more abs and we’re even hitting obliques today too! Complete these froggers modified by stepping one foot to the outside of the same side hand, then alternating sides. Make the frogger metabolic by jumping both feet in at the same time for the advanced option.

Merry Christmas Eve! If you haven’t signed up for emails yet on make sure you do by today to receive your free 12 minute workout tomorrow!

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