12 Tips to a Happy & Healthy Holiday

1. Embrace your inner dasher
Tis the season for intervals! I’m adamant about getting my clients to change up their cardio workouts when the 1-hour elliptical jaunt has gotten all too comfortable. Not only are intervals efficient of your time, … Read more

weekend self-control

Your health goals will not be met if you let your weekends go to hell. While I believe that a bit of indulgence and having fun is of the utmost importance, you can still enjoy foods and have drinks while … Read more

life lessons learned in italian culinary school


LA ESPERIENZA experience

If there was ever a time that I thought I was “the shit” in the kitchen at my school or while on my internship, it was often quickly repressed by a complete and absolute failure on my … Read more

your relationship with food

Everyone needs to have a relationship with food. We need a relationship with food if we want to survive. Some have a healthy relationship with food, and others have an unhealthy relationship with food.

According to a statistic from the … Read more

diet vs. discipline

Ditch the diet people. Understand that fitness and nutrition is a LIFESTYLE. I’m sick of seeing diet pills and workout machines on TV that “guarantee” that you’ll lose 10 pounds in 1 week. They don’t work, and they’re probably not … Read more

strive to thrive

Always a health and exercise enthusiast, I have devoted much of my young adulthood to helping others get into shape and gain confidence. People desire to attain a beach body but are torn when it comes to eating. My goal … Read more