weekend self-control

Your health goals will not be met if you let your weekends go to hell. While I believe that a bit of indulgence and having fun is of the utmost importance, you can still enjoy foods and have drinks while maintaining a level of self-control.

I used to be the girl who killed it all week in workouts and in my eating habits. I considered myself very healthy. But I wasn’t able to reach my fitness goals because I was partying and eating everything I wanted on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. By the time Monday would roll around, I was feeling like I had to start all over again. On Sunday, I’d say to myself, “Well, here’s my “lasts supper” before I start my diet for real tomorrow.” That used to last for 5 days.

I think some of it was that I was too restrictive Monday through Friday. I felt the need for binge eating shit foods on the weekends. I think another reason was just that I was in what I call my “party” stage. I was a bit immature then. I also lacked self-control. I didn’t know how to say no.

I love kicking back, having a few beers and eating pizza on the weekend like the next person. But now a days, I’ve figured out bow to do it the right way. I’ve found balance. I’ll have 2-3 drinks to relax and just a single slice of my favorite pizza. If I’m doing that on Saturday, then I’ll be wary to reach for the huge pasta plate or dessert at our Sunday Funday Family Italian dinner.

If you make an effort to be in tune with your body, these decisions become easier and easier.


4 thoughts on “weekend self-control

  1. I was thinking these same thoughts yesterday as I crammed all of this junk food down after a 2 hour zumbathon!! I thought….Tomorrow, I’ll “behave”. Thanks for the reminder to stay on track and modify!!

  2. I just remind myself, you busted your self in cross fit and you are going to undo it with a food vice. Insult is always when your family and friends are eating everything unhealthy that you love.

  3. What practical steps do you take to ensure you stay on track? Is there anything you say or do to yourself tobhelp with eating and self control?

    1. I try to pre-plan and keep healthy options available so i don’t reach for unhealthy foods when in a bind. I also use prayer as a means of self control when I’m feeling the urge to reach for unhealthy foods!

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