12 Tips to a Happy & Healthy Holiday

1. Embrace your inner dasher
Tis the season for intervals! I’m adamant about getting my clients to change up their cardio workouts when the 1-hour elliptical jaunt has gotten all too comfortable. Not only are intervals efficient of your time, … Read more

chef peanut’s hand made pasta

Peanut is making Pasta while attempting to do her best at speaking Italian (it’s been a few months since Italy, but she’s still got it!) Hand made ravioli is on the menu today! Delizioso!


Ingredients:… Read more

Nike Ellis Island Hyperwarm NTC Workout 12/12/13

NIKE hyperwarmA few photos from the Nike hyper warm workout on Ellis Island in NYC! It was such a blast reuniting with trainers I haven’t seen in a while, getting an awesome full body workout in the warmest gear, and hanging … Read more