Morning Routines

Wake up and seize the day! My morning routine has evolved a bit since having kids but they key is to plan ahead whether it comes to fitness or food. If you’re going to workout, have your sneakers out and ready for you to see. If you’re heading to the gym, pack your gym bag the night before. I’m a huge advocate of quick workouts first thing in the morning to ramp the metabolism for the day. Try out my FigoFit15 minute workout below. This is a beginner style workout

I always tell my clients to “eat like a king” for breakfast (and like a prince for lunch and like a peasant for dinner). Most people I know complain that they don’t have time to get a good healthy breakfast in. The solution to that problem: PREP THE NIGHT BEFORE! Try out my favorite breakfast recipe below!

Wendy’s Oatmeal Pancakes

I have to thank my mother in law, Wendy, for this amazing recipe. I will admit that I hardly have to make these yummy healthy pancakes because she spoils us with these plus the leftovers on the reg!

This recipe makes two servings. I suggest tripling or even quadrupling this recipe so you have plenty of leftovers for freezing and reheating later.


-1C old fashioned rolled oats

-2T ground flax or chia seeds

-½ C low fat ricotta cheese or low fat Greek yogurt

-2 large eggs

-1 tsp vanilla extract

-1C fresh or frozen blueberries/raspberries or strawberries

-coconut oil spray

Topping ideas:

-low fat Greek plain Greek yogurt

-fresh berries or sliced bananas

-ground walnuts

-real maple syrup



-flax and/or chia seeds

Directions: Combine oats, ricotta (or yogurt), eggs, and vanilla. Mix until smooth. 

Coat a large pan with coconut oil spray over medium heat. Spoon 2T batter per pancake into the pan. Add frozen fruit to the uncooked side of the pancakes. Cook for about 3 minutes until the edges start to cook. Flip pancakes carefully with a spatula and cook 3 more minutes until golden in color.

Another option for large batches: bake the pancakes in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes.

Top your pancakes with berries or whatever toppings you like!

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