healthy ham & bean soup

This soup was super easy! I made it a few days after Christmas with all of the leftover ham we had. In a large pot, add:

-vegetable stock or broth
-cubed cooked leftover ham
-pre-soaked (overnight) dry cannelloni beans
-chopped celery, carrots and onion
-quartered brussel sprouts (and/or other veggies of your choice. I just happened to have a bag in the fridge!)
-chopped parsley
-chopped thyme
-freshly ground salt & pepper to taste.

Cook on a low simmer until the veggies and beans are softened. About 1 hour.

Garnish soup with a sprig of thyme, good quality olive oil, & freshly grated Italian cheese. Serve with your favorite winter lager. Num nums!


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