Figo Thanksgiving Cocktail!

Don’t stress over making a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving at the in-laws. Arrive with a POMEGRANATE MOSCOW MULE kit! Bringing happy hour to the party grants you all-star status and gets you out out peeling potatoes! My seasonal twist on this classic cocktail will be sure to wow the whole family (unless your Uncle Mike is a recovering alcoholic). I recommend going the extra mule, I mean, mile, and turning it into a cute gift basket! Happy Thanksgiving!

Drink recipe:
-glass (preferably an authentic Moscow mule copper mug) full of ice
-1 shot of pomegranate vodka
-4 oz of your favorite ginger beer
-fresh lime juice from 1/2 of a lime
-dash of pomegranate juice (I just poured a bit from my pomegranates)
-pomegranate seeds
-fresh sprig of rosemary to garnish

In my basket, I included:
-a bottle of Three Olives pomegranate vodka (I found it on sale for $13.99!)
-4 pack of fever-tree ginger beer (grab a few extra if you’re making a lot of drinks)
-a few limes
-fresh rosemary sprigs (find them in the produce section with the herbs)
-POM POM prepared pomegranate seeds (you can buy a whole pomegranate if you want, but it does make quite a mess when you’re removing the seeds!)
-an authentic Moscow Mule copper cup (I found one for $16.95 at Pier One. They have a 20% off in store coupon on their website right now if you want to buy a few!)

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