Figo September 11th

My Peach, Burrata & Proscuitto Appetizer is the easiest recipe for gourmet entertaining! And Trevor’s 90 Second Pushup Challenge is perfect for your end of the workout fat burn and arm pump before the party!

Peach, Burrata & Proscuitto Wraps
-ripe peaches
-thinly sliced prosciutto
-basil- chiffonade
-balsamic glaze
-fresh sea salt & fresh cracked pepper

Simply slice the peaches all the same size. Wrap a group of 3-5 peach slices in a piece of proscuitto. Top with a bit of burrata and the basil ribbons. Drizzle the plate with good quality extra virgin olive oil, the balsamic glaze and a bit of salt/pepper. Can be plated on a platter for a relaxed party or plated on individual chilled plates. Enjoy with a glass of Italian Prosecco– the bubbles cut through the fatty prosciutto and the fruitiness of the peaches will be a perfect pairing.

Trevor’s 90 Second Pushup Challenge:
Begin in a forearm plank. Be sure to hold in the abs as tight as possible and stay flat from the shoulders down to the heels. Hold, and at the 30 second mark, move arms into a high plank and bang out 5 pushups. Return back to the forearm plank. Hold until the 60 second mark, then complete another 5 pushups in the high plank. Return to starting position again, and at the 90 second mark, do another 5 pushups. End in a childs pose to stretch out the arms and back.

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