A Family that Works Out Together, Stays Together

My family has been in on my FIGOfit 60 Day Challenge kick here for the past 2 weeks! This weekend, we all came home to relax. We kept our workouts a priority and used them as an opportunity to spend time together!

Yesterday, I trained with my brother Jay, his wife- Shaina, my sister- Gabby, and my fiancé- Ricky. I put together a full body circuit for the 5 of us. The workout was tough, but we motivated each other through the interval max repetition style.

-Box jumps
-Wood chop cable abs
-push-ups or dumbbell chest press
-pull-ups or barbell bent over rows
-power cleans or squat with dumbbell shoulder press

*1 minute per exercise attaining maximal repetitions with light weight. 4x through.

We followed the challenging circuit up with a friendly race on the erg. 500m row for the fastest finishing time.

Post-workout, we slammed our favorite Isagenix protein shakes together. In the photo below, notice the purple berry mustaches on Jay and my nieces, Drew & Elle. Instagram (@figopeanut) video below of my nieces chugging protein shakes. They’re future female meatheads!


[wpvideo GVGPVguV]


On Sunday, the boys asked me to lead them through a yoga workout. I put them through my classic 45 minute “Yoga for Jocks” workout of vinyasa yoga followed by some static stretching poses. We cranked up the heater in my brother’s living room and sweated it up! Video below of us bustin out some vinyasa yoga flow!

[wpvideo C7755uRp]

This weekend made me realize how blessed I am to have my family support and take pride in my professional endeavors! They certainly know how to exploit my interests and skills when I’m around! I truly love what I do!

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