Small Victories with Trainer Peanut

I’m about a week out from the Fitness Atlantic 2014 in Connecticut! One small victory, one day at a time in reaching my ultimate goal. Slip ups have ABSOLUTELY happened, but I didn’t let them overcome me. I didn’t come … Read more

soho saturday brunch

Love me a good Soho Saturday. My best girls and old roomies, Bridget Kristin & I got our swell on at David Barton Gym Astor place, then headed further downtown to a new brunch spot, Papazul. A sweet & spicy … Read more

a glamorous cappuccino


Who doesn’t love a salon day? Highlights, a blow out, and a delicious homemade Italian cappuccino. I was celebrating the end of the week at A Dustin Kline Salon owned and operated by my favorite fabulous gay couple, Dustin & … Read more