Figo: Episode 2!

In FigoFit, Peanut is showing you an original move called the downdog to push-up pyramid. A fantastic exercise for tightening the arms and toning the shoulders. We also get the yoga benefits from the downward dog, especially in those often-tight … Read more

12 Tips to a Happy & Healthy Holiday

1. Embrace your inner dasher
Tis the season for intervals! I’m adamant about getting my clients to change up their cardio workouts when the 1-hour elliptical jaunt has gotten all too comfortable. Not only are intervals efficient of your time, … Read more

Reach the Beach: Muscle Definition Workout

Peanut’s easy-to-do circuit is sure to blast fat, burn calories, and tone & tighten your trouble spots! Quick, safe and effective. Complete the circuit 2x minimally, and up to 5x for max benefits! Make sure you stretch the day after. … Read more

tight body mini circuit with trainer peanut

Tighten up your legs, arms, shoulders and abs while challenging your cardio capacity! All you need is a set of dumbbells and a timer for this full body interval training workout. 3 moves, 1 minute each. Take a 1 minute … Read more

11 lunges…with my twin nieces!!

Just grab a kid and start lunging baby! Children are a great means of adding resistance to a basic body weight exercise (i.e. pushups, squats, etc.)… Read more

7 starjumps

Work the whole body with the star jump. Some of my fitness participants also recognize this move as the “turkey jump” 😉… Read more

3 minute jump rope

Day 3. Peanut inspires you to keep on moving, even if it means trespassing into your local mall’s North Pole. In this clip ended unintentionally short, Peanut risks it for the sake of fitness and gets kicked out of Santa’s … Read more

1 minute body weight squats

Day 1 of Trainer Peanut’s challenge for you! She takes you around her hometown of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania throughout the series, showing you that a workout can happen anywhere! All of the exercises require no equipment at all!

SQUATS: Additional resistance … Read more